Become a birthday hero

Birthdayrama is all about caring about your close ones and impressing them with your thoughtfulness by attentively gifting them with awesome presents.

Add only people you care about

Birthdayrama should be reserved only for people to whom you really want to show how much you care about them, by noting down important events in their life, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Found a perfect gift?

A perfect gift is right in front of you, but the birthday is far away… Just snap a photo with Birthdayrama and if you have locations enabled, we'll remember the location for you so you know exactly where you saw the gift.

Add as many gift ideas to your list. You can even track what you already bought, or what that person doesn't want or already has.


Reminders will help you to #neverforget!

Not only will you remember where you saw awesome gifts for your dear ones, but now you’ll be able to show how loving you are by remembering other important things in their lives, like kids’ or pets’ birthdays or important anniversaries.